Making Connections and Learning at Our First ASCRS

It was hard to beat the conference for sheer exposure. We had several types of visitors get to know us: ophthalmologists who were practice own

Making Connections and Learning at Our First ASCRS

Moyae helps ophthalmologists and optometrists see more patients in less time by giving practices the best electronic health record platform in the market. To better communicate that, we recently had the opportunity to attend the annual American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery conference (ASCRS for short).

Meeting More Doctors

This was Moyae's first booth, and it was an excellent opportunity to meet a large number of doctors in such a short amount of time. We had several types of visitors: ophthalmologists that were practice owners, others who were thinking about starting a practice, and practice administrators looking to improve their processes. We also set up two videos to play at our booths throughout the conference; one serving as a high level overview of the company and exactly how we are helping doctors win back more of their time, and the other showcased a real-world example encounter to drive home how Moyae helps doctors document their encounters much faster than other tools. Having videos not only helped catch more glances during the expo, but served to hold attention of those waiting to talk while we were busy. We have quite a few follow-up demos to schedule thanks to the conference, as well as a few doctors who we'll be considering for our medical advisory board.

Expanding our Network

Getting to know some of the other companies at the conference was also beneficial. We met several kind people offering to make connections on our behalf, and some of these new relationships have already turned into partnerships! It was also a great opportunity to meet writers/journalists in the space covering all things ophthalmology, and we will be exploring how we might work together to better share our progress in improving the EHR experience for doctors.

Team Visit

Douglas (left) and Mali (right)

We also had the chance to meet our newest engineer in person. Our company policy does allow for remote work, and even though that has been working great for us, an in-person meetup is always welcome.

An Eclipse?!

Finally, how often do you get to bookend a conference with an eclipse? While Boston was out of the path of totality, we did still get to see a 90+% occlusion.

Final Thoughts

A conference is a great way to meet lots of potential customers and expand your network in a short span of time. All in all, a great first booth experience for Moyae, and we will certainly attend more conferences going forward. I'd like to especially thank Ashley Oakley and Dylan Kemna for their selflessness with sharing their experience and time.  I'd also like to thank the Society for hosting Moyae's first booth. If I had to give one piece of feedback to the conference, it would be to limit it to 3 days as traffic died down by Monday (the final day), which makes sense as many doctors had to be back to resume taking care of patients. Do you know of any other conferences where Moyae could make a significant impact? Let us know!




Sami is the CEO and cofounder of Moyae